January 29, 2016

Party on

Hello, everyone,

At this time of year here we can count on two events looming up momentarily: Mardi Gras and the rodeo. This morning I've done a little decorating in honor of the first. 
The big cloche provides perfect cat protection for a bunch of masks and beads. 
Beads and a tinsel star in the library.
On the desk in the library a golden metal cloche and picture framed in royal blue.
On the door at the side of our house near the corner. We need these bits of cheer before hunkering down into the long, grim period of Lent, so meanwhile, Laissez le bon temps rouler!

Have a great weekend!


January 28, 2016

One small project

Hello, Friends,

How are you here at nearly the end of January? Is it just me, or is the time zooming by for you, too? 

While putting things away after the holidays I unearthed something bought ages ago and never used. That fact reproached me. Now this is no longer the case. We began with this:
The card  table set up in the living room used for jigsaw puzzles. When first found its top was damaged so I hastily covered it with a thin plastic tablecloth, a not very satisfactory solution. Check it out now:
After stumbling upon this in the closet where decorations and craft supplies are stored, I left it out to remind myself to do something with it when there were a few minutes spare time. It looks much better, don't you think? A pair of scissors and jar of thumb tacks and voila, a much nicer look.
Here is a close up of the exuberant pattern, oh so bright and cheery. It's a great antidote to the January grays. Now the guilt over buying materials and letting them languish untouched is alleviated, at least for the oilcloth. 

Have a good evening!


January 27, 2016

New Year Changes

Hello, all,

I'm not one of those folks who can hardly wait till the stroke of midnight on December 25 to Get The Holiday Stuff Out. I hate to see it go, but after January 6 conceded it was time. Here are a few of attempts at seasonal/winter decor instead of Christmas.
Ferns and succulents in the little suitcase, with my new Mercury glass ball on a mirrored candlestick next to it. 
More evergreens in a cute little pitcher found at a thrift shop for 50 cents. Above it is a tiny chair that was a gift from one of my daughters. It's supposed to be a tree ornament, but it deserves to be enjoyed more than just a couple of weeks out of the year imo.
Greenery and pine cones in a tub by the front door. It feels silly to do snowflakes and that sort of thing here where it almost never snows, but pine and cedars and those sorts of trees are to be found. It was impossible to entirely eliminate the red, given that it's my favorite color and impossible to resist. 

That's the Wednesday report. I hope yours has and continues to go well. 

Hang in there,

January 26, 2016

Long Time No Post

Hey, everyone,

Sorry about the long hiatus, but it's proved harder to get back into the regular routine that it should have. 

Today I worked in the living room, trying to clean and organize a bit, and set up some new things to look at. Here is the first:
This is a three-tiered stand bought at Goodwill last week. It was $15, but with the discount only $10 in the end. Right now it is not very well staged, but this is my first attempt. The bottom has magazines and a book box on it. The middle has a chevron decorated tote that a gift came in at Christmas. The top has a lamp and small tray to act as coaster for a drink if someone sits next to it. The bench can be seen in the photo but there is also a chair at right angles to the piece, moved out of the way so the picture could be taken. 

Here is a closer view of the top:
I thought it was a useful piece that could come in handy in many places if we ever move again and there is a furniture shuffle. 

On top of one of the small bookcases in the same room I did this:
Stuck some pictures and a tin in a bird cage (the better to not be knocked over by cats) and added a couple more things just because they are bright and cheerful. It is very dark outside right now, and raining, so any cheer available is more than welcome. 

Somehow the weeks since the new year began have felt extra busy for reasons unknown--well, sort of. Car trouble and a mashed toe have taken a toll on time available, but I'm hopeful to be more efficient and organized from this point on. 

Stop laughing! It could happen!

Have a good one,

January 11, 2016

I'm back

Hello, all,

Sorry to be AWOL so long. It wasn't intentional. Mr. B was home for a couple of weeks, only going back to work last Monday. Unfortunately, despite my best intentions, starting to write again got bogged down in a time suck that  began with working at Manna Monday, followed by two days spent in attempted and ultimately successful car repair. In the middle on Wednesday came my birthday. Sadly, it's not nearly as much fun as during childhood, when getting older sounds like the greatest thing since ever. Anyway, I thought I'd share some of my birthday booty with you. 

A new World Market opened nearer us and Mr. B took me for a shopping spree there on Saturday. Several things were in the marked down from Christmas section, the deer plate and little deer with a wreath around his neck, the lantern and lights in the box. The cake stand was impossible to resist, between the color red and scalloped edge. Lying down is a cool heart-arrow tea strainer I'm hoping to do something with during February, and the Mercury glass ball is timeless, imo.
A daughter sent me the cool monogrammed tote with long handles from L.L. Bean and the circular scarf from Talbot's is from my friend Tricia. It's not draped so you can see, but it has other colored dots too, that coordinated beautifully with the gray dress I wore to church and out to dinner yesterday. Thank all my family and friends who offered such lovely distractions from the fact of growing older. Wait, that might should be from becoming officially ancient!

Have a good one.