March 31, 2014

Out of a drawer

Hi, folks,

How are you doing now that it's really spring at last? Our weather is so great it would be wonderful to bottle it up and release some of this when July comes. If you figure out how to do that, let me know, okay.

Last week I happened upon another scrolly shelf unit at Sand Dollar for $5.00. It was easier to use, because it has a flat back, and is not meant for a corner. Those are hard to find here, so the regular hanger situation worked out much better. Around the same time I read an old magazine about putting collections on display and realized it would be perfect for one of mine, out of sight in a drawer.  Here are the results.
Most of these are seasonal ones picked up at thrift shops, except for the snowflake and mitten that were a gift from a daughter. The top section has two autumn leaves and an egg in a nest. The middle has the winter pair, acorns, a starfish and nest with pair of birds. The bottom has a pear and eggplant, two white birds and Easter eggs, as well as the geometric pair in red and green that came from a Goodwill trip today. 
Here is another view of where it's located by the back door, above the portable dishwasher and microwave. It is a lot more fun to have them out on display than stuck out of sight in a drawer, don't you think?

That's my Monday effort. Do you display all or some of your collections, or leave them put away?

Have a good one,

March 24, 2014

A bit more spring

Hello, all,

This is as much to convince myself as anyone. It is dark and gloomy and cool today, so it's good to stay inside and think cheery thoughts. It helps to have something spring-y to look at, and the dining room is ready to be of service:
a little vignette on a potting bench with birds and baskets and nests;
in another corner, a sweet little white bird on a corner shelf with a succulent in an urn.

How is spring treating you so far? It's been coy here, but no one is complaining. We all know the days of inferno-like heat will be here all too soon. I hope your spring is a welcome relief after the hard winter just past. 



March 20, 2014

Charmed, I'm sure

Hi, folks,

Today was a slow productivity day for me, aside from a little laundry and errands. I did get out my charm bracelet and add a couple of small ones my daughters gave me during the holidays, though.
This is a wide variety of dangles, very few of them real gold, except for the watch face, the baby ring and a St. Christopher charm. The rest are mostly ones I like, single earrings, inexpensive ones and found objects.
Here's a closer view of a little cat face my oldest daughter gave me for Christmas.
Between the binoculars and the bicycle is a little amber heart from the same daughter. I have really enjoyed adding to the bracelet since it dawned on me that the pieces don't have to be real gold, gold colored is fine and there are paint, pens and nail polish that can transform something that isn't. The fleu de lis, wing and Holy Family piece all have made the switch from their original color to new life as part of a piece of jewelry. It will be fun to wear it on Easter. Now, to just find shoes. . . But that's another issue!

Have a good evening,

March 19, 2014

Out and About

Hi, Folks,

We are really enjoying the nice weather the past couple of days. It seemed like a good time to do some work in the front. First, I tackled this sad specimen:
I got this little folding chair at TJ Maxx, but the heat and sun over several years did a number on it. Time to break out my old friend:
Howard's Wood Restor-a-Finish.
Quite an improvement, don't you think? Then I headed to a local nursery to replace some of the things that didn't make it through our multiple freezes this year--believe me, not often a problem we have to deal with here!
Actually, those all did live, but it didn't seem fair to leave them out.
The Christmas cactus falls into the iffy category, so it has a new yellow companion sharing the pot.
The succulents on the bottom two steps also survived the freezing temps.
This had purslane that had made it through a couple of winters, but not this one.
Ditto the brown pot under it. Purslane previously, now a Gerbera daisy.
And now some portulaca in the stair basket. The pot below it won't fit, although that was the intent when the yellow flowering plant was bought. I need to find something to put under it so it's the right height and not too low.

Well, that's my project for Wednesday. Are you already doing things outside, or still just looking forward to that prospect?

Till next time,

March 18, 2014

Fairy Garden PS

Hi, Friends, how is your windy Tuesday going so far? It's lovely here.

Inspired by a picture link sent by my friend Tricia, it seemed like a good idea to add one more touch to the Fairy Garden. I got out some advertisements and a couple of paint chips and made this:
And here it is in place:
Maybe the fairy will decide to have a party and invite her friends now!

Have a good one,

March 17, 2014

Fairies '14

Hi, folks,

We are finally getting some lovely spring-like weather, and I'm here to tell you, the sun is positively dazzling after the past several days. Not that rain is a problem, far from it, but it has been steadily gray for a while. In honor of this new version of March, it seemed like a good time to check on the Fairy Garden. 

First, it has been moved. The old wicker chair it was in is about to fall apart, so it now resides on the stump of a very dead tree cut down last month. 
The fairy's path has been redone, her mailbox is at the end of her walk, and she has a small rock garden started to the left rear of her house.

The mushroom by the front door survived the winter just fine, and the little dog is still hanging out in the yard.
Two tiny succulents have replaced the giant weed that took over during the rainy spell.
She seems pretty happy on her roof looking around. I hope she likes the changes and seasonal update to her space. It's good to keep fairies in a good mood, so I'm told. Maybe she'll bring us some good luck today, if she has some leprechaun buddies!

Have a good week!


March 14, 2014

Second time around

Hey, friends,

This post is a question.
So, where are the rest of you storing all this daylight we've saved the past few days?

In a bag?
Or a box?
Perhaps the drawer that holds your socks?
All that light, so sad to waste,
In a scrapbook using paste?
A tub, a bin, an empty jar;
Am I getting close so far?
Basket, chest, a piece of net,
Does it hurt if it gets wet?
Let me know what you've all done,
Saving daylight, losing none.
All this hassle, twice a year--
Forget it now, let's have a beer!

I hope you have a great week.


March 13, 2014

Coming and Going

Hello, friends,

I think most of us realize entries to our homes are important areas and agree that it's nice to greet visitors with a pleasant effect. Here is what's going on with our doors lately:
Oops, sorry about my own reflection in the glass! Hardly anyone comes to the front except the mail carrier, but since he/she is often in a bad mood, I try to have something nice to look at. The p.o. employees have reason to be grumpy about coming to our house and the area around here: a couple of years ago, maybe three years by now, our regular postman died while working one day. The poor man keeled over walking his route. Since then, we've never had a designated employee to replace him, the others at Anson Jones have to take turns covering his beat. After taking down the Mardi Gras decor I used a small child's umbrella filled with pussy willows instead of another wreath. The parasol was found at Sand Dollar, and the pussy willows free, trash picked off the curb. 

On the opposite side of the house, we have this instead of a wreath:
a blue split-willow basket with an assortment of silk flowers and foliage. They're pretty and spring-like don't you think? Most people who drive to come over use this door, so it's nice to have a welcome for those folks too. It's hard to really up the curb appeal there because of the trash and recycle bins, but I've done what I can. 

Do warmer temps and sunny skies make you think of getting out and about? 

Have a good one,

March 12, 2014

Cheap Cheep

Hello, All,

How's your hump day so far? Going well, I hope. 

The bird theme is still going on at our house, so here are a few more examples:
Another nest on a corner whatnot. The ornament on the upper level is a sealed glass one with a bird in it, a gift from middle daughter Mary.
Nest, boxes, a house and a gorgeous glass piece on the peg bar by the door.
A book and a couple of china birds in the terrarium.
A cloche on the desk with another nest. Everything but the one gift item came from a thrift shop.
A pretty yellow bird with an Anthropologie plate, also on the desk.  You'd have to say life is pretty tweet around our house these days!

Take it easy,

March 11, 2014

The latest loot

Hi, folks,

Are you having spring break where you live? It isn't this week where we live, judging by the massive numbers of cars by the grade school at the end of our street. With the cooler than usual temps, pictures in the paper of kids by the Gulf on Galveston looked more like refugees from eastern Europe than frolickers chasing the sun. The weather was very grim last week, but that didn't stop me from attending the Interfaith Ministries rummage sale, though. Here are some of the things found there:
A couple of books and cards, two reproduction glass refrigerator dishes with yellow and red lids respectively, vintage ornament holders, one holiday tin, a sweater to the right, Talbot's twin set to the left. It's black with a narrow tan stripe. One package of yo yo pompoms, three silk ties and the bag hanging from the chandelier. It attracted me because I like sunflowers, but it was a must buy when it dawned on me that there are tiny tabby cat faces peering between the blooms. Not shown gray Dockers for Mr. B. Trixie came by to check it out, too.

I also stopped at Family Thrift where my new bedskirt was located, but also picked up:
A book I've wanted to read since it first came out, Material World. Photographers went to countries all over the globe and took pictures of families with all their possessions in front of where they live. So far it is fascinating. There was also a new box of Fossil post cards, an unopened package of Wilton cake candles made to look like frozen Margaritas, complete with lime slice on the side, a fake artichoke, four plates and two saucers from a doll set made in Japan, a Longaberger basket, wooden box, US Navy mug for Mr. B, who was in the Navy during Viet Nam, as well as a reprint edition of Alfred Russel Wallace's book, The Maylay Archipelago. That title is constantly being referenced by PBS for nature programs, so it will be nice to see what this intrepid naturalist said in his own words. The box was battered, but a quick scrub with wood restorer took made much of the wear disappear:
The main reason it came home with me was because the bottom still has remnants of its original price sticker that shows it was sold at W. T. Grant's. You know you're old when you remember Grant, Kresge and Woolworth stores! Oh, and let's not forget Ben Franklin, all but a memory now.

Have a good day, and stay tuned for more birdie cheer soon!


March 10, 2014

DST - the sequel

Hi, Folks,

How are you surviving these first days of the time change? I'm not terribly perky, but have been bumbling around, trying to be productive. Since we are well and truly into Lent now, the Mardi Gras decorations came down Saturday. Until it's time for bunny sightings, our decor is going with birds for Spring. 
A cloche with a nest and egg on the twig chair, a gorgeous glass votive holder and a rock with a bird on it. That might have come from Dollar Tree, come to think of it. 
Here is more of a tribute to the season on the desk and top shelf of the bookcase. The runner on the desk has also been switched out for the spring theme. Nests, eggs, birds are all such a hopeful sign of a fresh start to me. I hope you're enjoying hints from the natural world that point to new beginnings, too. 

Till next time,

March 7, 2014


Hello, All,

How are you this fine Friday afternoon? Well, I hope. Today there is a seasonal change to share with you. It almost happened last week, but it seemed like doing it the same weekend as the time change would work out well. Here is our spring and summer bedroom:
There are white matelasse shams on extra pillows, one blue and white checked gingham one one white with cut work on it.
As you see, Trixie wasted no time in road testing the new setup. I didn't have a camera with me right after the quilt was put on. After leaving to get the throw pillows I came back to find a huge lump on one side which proved to be both Flossie and Freddie. They had somehow managed to burrow till they were between the bottom and top sheets.
Here is a close up of the pattern, which to me is light and cool looking. At a thrift shop earlier today I found a great spread in the same green color that would have looked good folded across the foot, but Family Thrift wanted a little too much for it at $24.95. Much more successful was this find:
Last year we had a dust ruffle made of white cotton, but it wasn't the right size. This blue coordinates with the pattern of the coverlet and fits a queen-sized bed. Best of all was the price, $2.32. Now, with a little more (okay, a lot!) cleaning, we'll be ready to deal with the heat sure to arrive any minute now, with a cooler, fresher palette around. In a Texas summer, you definitely want airy, not cozy! 
Take it easy,

March 6, 2014

A little organization

Hello, Friends,

Wednesday got sidetracked with a surprise visiting daughter, so here it is Thursday already. How did that happen?

Reading earlier today on this blog, Sweet Parrish Place inspired me to share a tiny bit of organization that has helped us.

Mind you, this is just one small effort in a mostly chaotic house. However, the principle of putting like things together made sense to me, so many years ago the Let There Be Light drawer was created. 
It contains candles, light bulbs batteries, matches and anything else associated with these, like those multi-socket plugs, a lamp harp and snuffer. 
Like having a permanent place for scissors, this has helped cut down on the aggravation factor of everyday life quite a bit. You need batteries? Here they are. A lamp goes off when you flip the switch? There are extra bulbs aplenty. Tealights and small things are corralled in paper containers that came with some electronic gadget to protect them in shipping, so they're still being useful and staying out of a landfill. It isn't big enough to hold extension cords, or else they would be represented too. The left hand drawer of the buffet has cloth napkins and place mats, while the lower section is all tablecloths, all the time. 
It's a small step, but a big help in the grand scheme of things.
Have a good one,

March 4, 2014

Moving right along,

Hello, all, how's it going? We have a wet and freezing Tuesday so far; let's hope it warms up enough to go to church tomorrow.

Once inside the front door the first thing you come to is the desk:
It has the gold dome cloche with the purple, green and gold ornaments under it, surrounded by a string of beads. Heading to the dining room, you'll see:

a selection of masks and beads in the Mercury glass bowl, under the big cloche. That's important, since those feather wouldn't last two minutes from the cats out in the open, unprotected.

So there you have it, a little sparkle to welcome March!

Till next time,

March 3, 2014

It's been fun, hearts,

but now it's time for you to head out till 2015. It's time for a little bit of fun before Lent begins. Therefore, here's the welcome to our house now:
A long time ago, before the internet existed people used to write off for things. One time in tiny print on the wrapper of a package of bias tape there was an offer to send in your name and address for free samples. Among the bundle that showed up in my mailbox was the purple and gold bits of trim. Some wide green foil ribbon from the thrift shop joined them to make the basic Mardi Gras wreath.  Other trips to a thrift gave the pair of masks and the tinsel trim. Add beads and there you go, a Mardi Gras wreath. Last week I found the garland at Kroger and layered it on to. There's no such thing as too much glitz for Mardi Gras.

Stay tuned for a little inside the house tomorrow.