March 17, 2014

Fairies '14

Hi, folks,

We are finally getting some lovely spring-like weather, and I'm here to tell you, the sun is positively dazzling after the past several days. Not that rain is a problem, far from it, but it has been steadily gray for a while. In honor of this new version of March, it seemed like a good time to check on the Fairy Garden. 

First, it has been moved. The old wicker chair it was in is about to fall apart, so it now resides on the stump of a very dead tree cut down last month. 
The fairy's path has been redone, her mailbox is at the end of her walk, and she has a small rock garden started to the left rear of her house.

The mushroom by the front door survived the winter just fine, and the little dog is still hanging out in the yard.
Two tiny succulents have replaced the giant weed that took over during the rainy spell.
She seems pretty happy on her roof looking around. I hope she likes the changes and seasonal update to her space. It's good to keep fairies in a good mood, so I'm told. Maybe she'll bring us some good luck today, if she has some leprechaun buddies!

Have a good week!


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