March 10, 2014

DST - the sequel

Hi, Folks,

How are you surviving these first days of the time change? I'm not terribly perky, but have been bumbling around, trying to be productive. Since we are well and truly into Lent now, the Mardi Gras decorations came down Saturday. Until it's time for bunny sightings, our decor is going with birds for Spring. 
A cloche with a nest and egg on the twig chair, a gorgeous glass votive holder and a rock with a bird on it. That might have come from Dollar Tree, come to think of it. 
Here is more of a tribute to the season on the desk and top shelf of the bookcase. The runner on the desk has also been switched out for the spring theme. Nests, eggs, birds are all such a hopeful sign of a fresh start to me. I hope you're enjoying hints from the natural world that point to new beginnings, too. 

Till next time,

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Tricia said...

Michele, I love all your bird-and-nest themed decor! The suitcase photo is my favorite -- so appealing! I know you had fun arranging everything!