March 7, 2014


Hello, All,

How are you this fine Friday afternoon? Well, I hope. Today there is a seasonal change to share with you. It almost happened last week, but it seemed like doing it the same weekend as the time change would work out well. Here is our spring and summer bedroom:
There are white matelasse shams on extra pillows, one blue and white checked gingham one one white with cut work on it.
As you see, Trixie wasted no time in road testing the new setup. I didn't have a camera with me right after the quilt was put on. After leaving to get the throw pillows I came back to find a huge lump on one side which proved to be both Flossie and Freddie. They had somehow managed to burrow till they were between the bottom and top sheets.
Here is a close up of the pattern, which to me is light and cool looking. At a thrift shop earlier today I found a great spread in the same green color that would have looked good folded across the foot, but Family Thrift wanted a little too much for it at $24.95. Much more successful was this find:
Last year we had a dust ruffle made of white cotton, but it wasn't the right size. This blue coordinates with the pattern of the coverlet and fits a queen-sized bed. Best of all was the price, $2.32. Now, with a little more (okay, a lot!) cleaning, we'll be ready to deal with the heat sure to arrive any minute now, with a cooler, fresher palette around. In a Texas summer, you definitely want airy, not cozy! 
Take it easy,


Linda said...

Love the spring & summer bedroom! The dust ruffle bargain goes so well with that pretty paisley bedspread. Also enjoyed seeing your Mardi Gras decorations in previous posts.

Lisa said...

Lovely spring room! Your bedding is so pretty-Trixie too :) I think you did a wonderful job with the quilt and dust ruffle - good eye and great price. I had to laugh about your other two kitties in the sheets. My kitty, Lily, *loves* to "help" me put fresh sheets on the bed...and she usually ends up between them - LOL! Happy Spring :)

Unknown said...

I love your new bedroom, just the colors I like too!