March 20, 2014

Charmed, I'm sure

Hi, folks,

Today was a slow productivity day for me, aside from a little laundry and errands. I did get out my charm bracelet and add a couple of small ones my daughters gave me during the holidays, though.
This is a wide variety of dangles, very few of them real gold, except for the watch face, the baby ring and a St. Christopher charm. The rest are mostly ones I like, single earrings, inexpensive ones and found objects.
Here's a closer view of a little cat face my oldest daughter gave me for Christmas.
Between the binoculars and the bicycle is a little amber heart from the same daughter. I have really enjoyed adding to the bracelet since it dawned on me that the pieces don't have to be real gold, gold colored is fine and there are paint, pens and nail polish that can transform something that isn't. The fleu de lis, wing and Holy Family piece all have made the switch from their original color to new life as part of a piece of jewelry. It will be fun to wear it on Easter. Now, to just find shoes. . . But that's another issue!

Have a good evening,

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