March 6, 2014

A little organization

Hello, Friends,

Wednesday got sidetracked with a surprise visiting daughter, so here it is Thursday already. How did that happen?

Reading earlier today on this blog, Sweet Parrish Place inspired me to share a tiny bit of organization that has helped us.

Mind you, this is just one small effort in a mostly chaotic house. However, the principle of putting like things together made sense to me, so many years ago the Let There Be Light drawer was created. 
It contains candles, light bulbs batteries, matches and anything else associated with these, like those multi-socket plugs, a lamp harp and snuffer. 
Like having a permanent place for scissors, this has helped cut down on the aggravation factor of everyday life quite a bit. You need batteries? Here they are. A lamp goes off when you flip the switch? There are extra bulbs aplenty. Tealights and small things are corralled in paper containers that came with some electronic gadget to protect them in shipping, so they're still being useful and staying out of a landfill. It isn't big enough to hold extension cords, or else they would be represented too. The left hand drawer of the buffet has cloth napkins and place mats, while the lower section is all tablecloths, all the time. 
It's a small step, but a big help in the grand scheme of things.
Have a good one,

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