March 31, 2014

Out of a drawer

Hi, folks,

How are you doing now that it's really spring at last? Our weather is so great it would be wonderful to bottle it up and release some of this when July comes. If you figure out how to do that, let me know, okay.

Last week I happened upon another scrolly shelf unit at Sand Dollar for $5.00. It was easier to use, because it has a flat back, and is not meant for a corner. Those are hard to find here, so the regular hanger situation worked out much better. Around the same time I read an old magazine about putting collections on display and realized it would be perfect for one of mine, out of sight in a drawer.  Here are the results.
Most of these are seasonal ones picked up at thrift shops, except for the snowflake and mitten that were a gift from a daughter. The top section has two autumn leaves and an egg in a nest. The middle has the winter pair, acorns, a starfish and nest with pair of birds. The bottom has a pear and eggplant, two white birds and Easter eggs, as well as the geometric pair in red and green that came from a Goodwill trip today. 
Here is another view of where it's located by the back door, above the portable dishwasher and microwave. It is a lot more fun to have them out on display than stuck out of sight in a drawer, don't you think?

That's my Monday effort. Do you display all or some of your collections, or leave them put away?

Have a good one,

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Tricia said...

That IS a pretty shelf, Michele, and perfect for displaying your collection. I'm assuming they are salt and pepper shakers? I like the arrangement by season!