March 3, 2014

It's been fun, hearts,

but now it's time for you to head out till 2015. It's time for a little bit of fun before Lent begins. Therefore, here's the welcome to our house now:
A long time ago, before the internet existed people used to write off for things. One time in tiny print on the wrapper of a package of bias tape there was an offer to send in your name and address for free samples. Among the bundle that showed up in my mailbox was the purple and gold bits of trim. Some wide green foil ribbon from the thrift shop joined them to make the basic Mardi Gras wreath.  Other trips to a thrift gave the pair of masks and the tinsel trim. Add beads and there you go, a Mardi Gras wreath. Last week I found the garland at Kroger and layered it on to. There's no such thing as too much glitz for Mardi Gras.

Stay tuned for a little inside the house tomorrow. 


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