March 19, 2014

Out and About

Hi, Folks,

We are really enjoying the nice weather the past couple of days. It seemed like a good time to do some work in the front. First, I tackled this sad specimen:
I got this little folding chair at TJ Maxx, but the heat and sun over several years did a number on it. Time to break out my old friend:
Howard's Wood Restor-a-Finish.
Quite an improvement, don't you think? Then I headed to a local nursery to replace some of the things that didn't make it through our multiple freezes this year--believe me, not often a problem we have to deal with here!
Actually, those all did live, but it didn't seem fair to leave them out.
The Christmas cactus falls into the iffy category, so it has a new yellow companion sharing the pot.
The succulents on the bottom two steps also survived the freezing temps.
This had purslane that had made it through a couple of winters, but not this one.
Ditto the brown pot under it. Purslane previously, now a Gerbera daisy.
And now some portulaca in the stair basket. The pot below it won't fit, although that was the intent when the yellow flowering plant was bought. I need to find something to put under it so it's the right height and not too low.

Well, that's my project for Wednesday. Are you already doing things outside, or still just looking forward to that prospect?

Till next time,

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