March 13, 2014

Coming and Going

Hello, friends,

I think most of us realize entries to our homes are important areas and agree that it's nice to greet visitors with a pleasant effect. Here is what's going on with our doors lately:
Oops, sorry about my own reflection in the glass! Hardly anyone comes to the front except the mail carrier, but since he/she is often in a bad mood, I try to have something nice to look at. The p.o. employees have reason to be grumpy about coming to our house and the area around here: a couple of years ago, maybe three years by now, our regular postman died while working one day. The poor man keeled over walking his route. Since then, we've never had a designated employee to replace him, the others at Anson Jones have to take turns covering his beat. After taking down the Mardi Gras decor I used a small child's umbrella filled with pussy willows instead of another wreath. The parasol was found at Sand Dollar, and the pussy willows free, trash picked off the curb. 

On the opposite side of the house, we have this instead of a wreath:
a blue split-willow basket with an assortment of silk flowers and foliage. They're pretty and spring-like don't you think? Most people who drive to come over use this door, so it's nice to have a welcome for those folks too. It's hard to really up the curb appeal there because of the trash and recycle bins, but I've done what I can. 

Do warmer temps and sunny skies make you think of getting out and about? 

Have a good one,

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