March 10, 2015

Mixing styles

Hey, everyone, are you slowly adjusting to DST? It isn't easy, is it?

Here's another question as spring approaches: what would happen if you mix Birds + BoHo? 
I snitched the back end page from a damaged book and added an egg picture from a magazine and put the whole thing in a bright yellow frame from Sand Dollar. Too crazy or all right in this house with its mishmash of styles? I like the turquoise in the background. It's hard to see in this photo, but the egg has a crack across it. That would be a nice symbol of the arrival of spring if there was any hint so far it's coming at all, let alone soon. We must keep faith that the sun will return at some point and birds start building nests and trees will bud. Or else the alternative is to go completely crazy in the dark, dank, dreary weather that's been our lot recently. 
Are you longing for sun and spring?


1 comment:

Barbara said...

I like it. Good combination of colors.