March 13, 2015

Be Tweet

Hello, friends,

Happy end of the week to you. I have been at home all day since the weather is still so grim there's little encouragement to do any gallivanting. In between doing laundry, figuring out dinner and herding cats I set out a few more birds. By the front door:
a nest, Anthropologie feather plate and pretty glass robin ornament.
Under a cloche on the dining room table.
two little birds in the corner. 
in the terrarium, a little potting bench and a couple of nests. 

With chores still left undone, I'll say bye for now. Have a great weekend.




Tricia said...

Gorgeous, Michele, and so Spring-y! You may have inspired me to change the baker's rack, which has been the same since the post-Christmas period! (For shame, Tricia!)

Rue said...

Well, it may be gloomy outside, but it's definitely Spring inside :)

I hope the sun shines for you soon :)