March 24, 2015

Time to switch gears

Hello, friends,
After a second day of sunshine and perfect temperatures, with Palm Sunday coming up soon, it seemed time to move on and make a switch, starting out front. 
Hanging this wreath even motivated me to scrub the door with a magic eraser and strong cleaner. It's not perfect now, but a lot better than before. How does an exterior door develop multiple big, noticeable scuffs, anyway? Surely if movers bumped it once or twice bringing furniture inside there wouldn't be that much visible grunge? 
Here is the one on the side. The glass probably needs similar attention, but that hasn't happened yet. 
How do you do your holiday changes? Do you start outside and work inward or do the opposite? Either way, it's a cheery prospect to think Easter is so soon, even if here we do that while automatically drawing a mental veil over the heat of summer soon to follow all too soon. 
Take it easy!


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