September 20, 2012

A Tiny Tweak

I couldn't leave well enough alone. Today, looking at the bookcase it seemed like there should be more that could be done, so I finally ended up doing this:
The main thing was incorporating a galvanized metal box on the third shelf and moving things so the bird stamps picture on the top one shows better. The box now contains my Bagthorpe books by Helen Cresswell. The Daher box to its left contains tape, which keeps it handy since we usually wrap packages on the dining room table nearby. 

The morning began ominously, very much in If You Give a Mouse a Cookie fashion. I was carrying a large expanding pocket folder filled with papers and receipts that suddenly split along one side, spilling the contents. These knocked to the floor a gadget to recharge batteries which rolled in all directions. Three were easy to find, the fourth much sneakier. Looking under furniture for it dislocated more dust than you could imagine existed, and then--well, let's just draw a veil over everything else. No doubt six weeks in a quiet environment with a cold cloth on my forehead would fix me up just fine--oh, wait, that'll never happen. Mr. B and the cats will make sure that remains a dream. Flossie's way to help was by reaching out and bopping me with her paw as I stood up after crawling under something to look for the battery, or after bending to pick up the full dustpan. She's not one of those lethargic, somnolent kittens, no indeed. She's ever on the alert. Once she emerged after hunting a dust bunny and looked like she was wearing a Santa Claus beard. 

I'm hoping to work on some more trinket and treasure candlesticks soon and do a post if they're a success, also hope to think of what to do with an old drawer picked up from a trash pile last year. Oh, for a garage to store things in!

Have a good evening,




Linda @ A La Carte said...

So brave to look under furniture! My dust bunnies could form an army! hugs, Linda

Pollyanna said...

So sorry for the one thing leads to another ... Kind of frustrating, but love the cupboard with the books alternating in direction, very, very charming!!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Your bookcase looks lovely. I'm still working on mine - for some reason they have me stymied!