September 26, 2012

More fall, Y'all

Hello, Friends, how are you this fine September day? We have lost our cool from last week, but it was enough of a boost to keep spirits up in hope of more. There are a few more small additions to our decor, like this:
It started out a while back, when I found the gourd first:
It was .50 cents at the rummage sale at Bering Methodist Church in the spring. Paired with these:
We now have  this:
In the living room, on the desk has been added a small pie pumpkin and a little raffia in an urn for more seasonal color:
It looks as if Inspector Flossie approves, always an essential step in the decorating process. Maybe I'm fickle or have ADD or something. I like the cool, aqua and white decor of summer with its beachy theme, but was more than ready to flip to the darker, richer shades of autumn by the middle of September. Or perhaps it's a sign of sloth. One thing that makes me very happy is using the well in our Chambers range as a slow cooker for easy and delicious meals, which I don't do much in the spring or summer months. Most of all, the onset of fall means we survived another Texas summer, always a good thing and sometimes a surprise. 2011 was brutal, but now we're coasting towards relief! Do I hear an Amen?

How is your life affected by the change of seasons? 




Pattie @ On Hollyhock Farm said...

Love your finds. I am now a follower.

Tricia said...

Love the pumpkin on the urn with raffia! I may have to copy that idea. You might consider transforming that gourd into a snowman, come December. It's the perfect shape!

Sandy said...

What great finds, and you created a very unique vignette with them.