September 19, 2012

Project of the Week

Hello, everyone. Don't get excited about that title. It just refers to a  long overdue effort to clean up two large bookcases in our dining room. These are inexpensive ones from Ikea, not fine craftsmanship by any definition. You will need to use your imagination because there are no before photos. Look at the shelves and mentally add a bunch more books and random assorted junk, stuck in every which way. On Monday I tackled the one on the left side. Removed everything, dusted then put selected books and items back for this result:

Tuesday its right hand companion had a turn:

Here's a picture of both:

Here are the lower shelves. Flossie had been checking them out, but was leaving as the picture was taken.

The tops are useful display space. Mostly it's brightly colored tins, some of which are on top of another of my child-sized chairs.

Another of the same area:

Some other things I've accumulated are here, too, several nesting dolls, a little deer from a bag of assorted things I bought just to get Bambi, a beautiful red glass candle holder from middle daughter Mary, up there to be safe from cats and an old wooden cigar box filled with loose family photos. 

You're probably wondering how this can be called a project. Take it from me, after the heat this summer, to do anything as involved as removing everything, cleaning the surfaces and figuring out how to put it back neatly feels like a big effort, only possible now because there is finally some relief at last. Next comes spray painting, abandoned while the temperatures nudged triple digits since we don't have a basement or garage to use.

Is there a part of your house that's been ignored through the spring and summer that's crying out for attention now that autumn is almost here? What wants to go on your to do list asap?

Now it's time to put my feet up with a book. Enjoy your evening.



Anne said...

I love white bookcases! Nice job tackling yours - thanks for popping over to visit!

Sherry@Back2Vintage said...

Good job, Michele! I see you have some Daher tins. I posted about them just last week. Thanks for stopping by!

Tricia said...

Oh, the arrangement of the books and decor items looks SO appealing! I really love the interest this new arrangement adds!

A Walk in the Countryside said...

I just tackled my moms' bookcases last week! I still have yet to get my backyard totally straightened back after the hurricane since it's been so hot outside!