September 12, 2012

Wednesday Wows

Thrifting has been on the skimpy side lately, but I continue to make the rounds in our immediate neighborhood. There will be little going farther afield until the weather cools off and a car without ac isn't such a misery. Meanwhile, close to home I've found this:

There is another cross for my wall and a pretty tin, which should make a nice container for a gift. You can't see it too well, but under the pink mug is a white pyrex refrigerator dish with a blue design on the side and clear lid. In front of it is a small travel clock in a leather case. Behind it is a new miniature ring toss game in a wooden box. I want to say the bunny character on the mug is named Miffy; does anyone know if this is correct and if not, who is that bunny? Flossie gave it a look from her napping spot.

Another recent find which will be ideal for spring and Easter decorating is this:

It's a bird feather and egg small square glass dish with script writing in the background in French. It's in perfect condition and was under $2.00.

Today I found two things in the green tags that were 30% off at GW. The first is this:
large, divided wicker tray. It is already in use on the antique washstand in the dining room, holding mail, pens, scissors and other useful items. The second is for my little chair collection:
It's got a painted, folk-art finish which even extends to its wicker seat. Both things together cost $3 and change.The chair had a broken stretcher, but some super glue and a piece of elastic wrapped round it as a clamp fixed that right up.

Here is the tray in use:
The washstand was my mother's. Practically everything else on it except mail was found in a thrift shop at some point. Oh, and besides mail, a small jar of sand from Dollar Tree and the concrete squirrel. He was on deep discount at a local nursery after Christmas. The lamp, shade, other containers, pairs of pinking sheers, pitchers and picture frames have all been picked up browsing for bargains. The corks are courtesy of Mr. B, who drinks most of the wine around here.

I'm thinking about putting a different finish on the urn Squirrel Nutkin is sitting in. What do you think would look good? Black, ORB or white? Or a textured or beaten metal effect, maybe? Your ideas are  eagerly requested.

We may get rain today, so I'll close now in order to cross my fingers for that to occur!



Cristina Garay said...

Hi Michele, wow! You got lots of interesting finds! I love that Easter plate! The colors and the letters are great! I also like the wicker tray and how you put it to good use! About the squirrel idk, it doesn't show that well on the pics. Maybe a metal finish will look good!
Hope you get some rain! :)

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

What a great wicker tray, Michele! It certainly looks like it holds a lot, and keeps things neat and orderly! I haven't been to the thrift stores in a couple of weeks; I think it's time to pay a visit.

Tricia said...

It's a good thing you saw that divided wicker tray first, or a lot of us would be fighting you for it! I can see why you immediately pressed it into use. The squirrel is perfect for this time of year! Is the Pyrex pattern the Cornflower one that was everywhere when I married (eons ago)? said...

I like the wicker basket! What is GW? Hope you get your rain today :)

Linda @ A La Carte said...

You found some great things at the thrifts! I love vintage Pyrex! It was so great finding your blog!
hugs, Linda