September 4, 2012

Easy or Lazy?

Happy September, everyone. How can we have reached the milestone of Labor Day already? It seems impossible. 

Today I thought I'd share a dead easy project first done before this blog existed. It was fun to do, and simple in the extreme. I like to have something on the front door all the time. For some seasons and holidays the choices are obvious but there are a few less easy to categorize. During March, a wild and windy month, after beginning with this:

a plain grapevine wreath, then added elements from the Dollar Tree to make this:

Not the greatest picture, but it's covered with little pinwheels of all different colors. In the  spring breezes, they twirled madly, adding a little touch of whimsey to the front area.The pinwheels are six to a card, so the total cost was under $5.00. Another wreath used in the past was the same idea, but with little paper drink parasols covering it. Not any crazier than using flip flops, right? What's your verdict, then,  fun and easy or dumb and lazy? I'm going to try to link this to Nifty Thrifty Tuesday at Coastal Charm.

I am trying to force myself to wait till September 15 before putting out any fall decor; since our heat index all week is supposed to reach 105 degrees, doing it now feels just plain wrong. Everyone getting the benefit of lower temperatures, please take time to be grateful for that relief and enjoy it. If you want to send a little to Texas, that would be just fine, too!

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Tricia said...

It would be fun to see the wreath with the pinwheels spinning! I agree about fall decorating. Early September is WAY too early here in Texas!