September 28, 2012

How did it get to be Friday?

Hello, everyone. We're all fine here, with nothing exciting to report. The week has included a little thrifting and even a project, of the cleaning variety, that is. Let us draw a veil over the horror that is our utility room and where the cats have their food, water and litter boxes. Suffice to say it is not to be tackled by the faint hearted or anyone easily shocked. Keep moving, nothing to see there.

However, there is this modest haul to report:
a mug to resell, paper mache pumpkin, old bird print, Mardi Gras beads, paperback mystery, hydrangea wreath and little bench that seemed like it might want to hang out with my small chairs after it has a paint job. There are four different views in the box of note cards, all featuring butterflies, stamps and flowers so it seemed they might be  good to use for decoupage. 

Also  this week the coffee table is fixed for fall, although it's nothing all that great. For some reason, inspiration has been totally absent when it comes to this particular area and so far this is as good as it gets:
Flossie doesn't  seem impressed either. The tray, candlestick and pillar candle were all from thrift shops. The squirrel was from a neighborhood nursery after Christmas last year, and the Autumn leaf candle bought at Pier I several years ago. Oh, well, it's not completely bare, there's nothing for the cats to eat or drag away and it doesn't get in the way of Mr. B watching tv. Sometimes ho hum is all there is.

I hope everyone has a pleasant weekend ahead. Fall festivals and events start soon. Next week the neighborhood branch library has its annual sale, so that will be fun, with a couple more at the beginning of November, as well as the second sale of the year at Bering Methodist Church. Ah, the thrill of the hunt!

Take care,


Tricia said...

Oh, that bench is darling! I'll bet your heart skipped a beat when you spotted it! The hydrangea wreath is a great find, too!

Betsy@ coastal-colors said...

Wonderful finds! I love the small bench! Your table looks wonderful and ready for Fall! Flossie is precious! It looks like she approves! I'm now following along and look forward to more inspiring posts. Lovely blog!