December 17, 2015


My thoughts turned to verse today, but not the kind associated with greeting cards and seasonal songs. No, these are more spare and leaning toward the grim. I call them Household Haiku.


Always out these days
Trusty vacuum cleaner
With wet leaves  constant.

Cat Owners

Lack of character 
Instantly assumed when one
Mate ignores hairballs.


Wet, sticky, volume
All mean one thing. One dry
Paper towel won't work. 


Isn't a puppy.
It's having two bathrooms. 
Not sharing is good. 

Waiting Room

A big screen tv 
On too low to hear but too
High to ignore. Why?


Fourth biggest city.
Why does it surprise me when
Everyplace is packed?


If tweezers and tape
Aren't sentient beings
Then how can they hide?

Those are my thoughts today, in addition to the zillion swirling around my head about gifts, food and decorations, the usual suspects the week before Christmas. 

Take it easy!


1 comment:

Tricia said...

Michele, these are AWESOME! You clearly have a gift for haiku! My fave is the one about the dry paper towel. (More to follow in my email.)