December 14, 2015

Still working on Christmas

Hi, everyone,

Last week might not count as a dead loss, but was pretty lackluster as far as accomplishments go, thanks to the head cold that showed up uninvited. I've done a little bit since then, but not a lot:
Here is the bookcase in the living room, former home of the BoHo display. Now on a big red tray is a Scandinavian-look plate, silver bowl of succulents and a large red glass vase full of fake jewel tone fruit. 
On the desk in the library were added some peppermint sticks in the pencil cup and a set of electric candles.
Also in the library a little red-checked Santa tin full of evergreens. This year my decorating has been so slow it's unreal. I'll try to step up the speed after today.

Have a good evening,

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