December 11, 2015

Two weeks and counting-yikes!

Hey, everyone, it's hard to believe another week has zipped by already, but so it has. Here's one little addition to yesterday's excursion into the kitchen:

 A little magnetic woodland scene on the fridge. Meanwhile, back in the living room,
Our tree, newly crooked. It shifted during the night and I didn't notice till after Mr. B left for work. Middle daughter Mary gave me a tree red skirt last year as a gift, but then I found the appliqued one at a yard sale during the summer and really liked it, too. Solution: layer those suckers! The red one is larger and ruffled around the edges so it works out fine, I think. Although it doesn't show in the picture, the lights are all red, something we've done for decades now, and the ornaments the usual assortment accumulated over time. It works much better back in that corner than the position last year. Thank goodness the brainstorm of using extension cords occurred to me so this switch is possible. 

Have a great weekend!


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