January 27, 2016

New Year Changes

Hello, all,

I'm not one of those folks who can hardly wait till the stroke of midnight on December 25 to Get The Holiday Stuff Out. I hate to see it go, but after January 6 conceded it was time. Here are a few of attempts at seasonal/winter decor instead of Christmas.
Ferns and succulents in the little suitcase, with my new Mercury glass ball on a mirrored candlestick next to it. 
More evergreens in a cute little pitcher found at a thrift shop for 50 cents. Above it is a tiny chair that was a gift from one of my daughters. It's supposed to be a tree ornament, but it deserves to be enjoyed more than just a couple of weeks out of the year imo.
Greenery and pine cones in a tub by the front door. It feels silly to do snowflakes and that sort of thing here where it almost never snows, but pine and cedars and those sorts of trees are to be found. It was impossible to entirely eliminate the red, given that it's my favorite color and impossible to resist. 

That's the Wednesday report. I hope yours has and continues to go well. 

Hang in there,

1 comment:

Tricia said...

Love the succulents in the suitcase idea! But I'm worried about the new mercury glass ball. It looks precarious in a cat-filled household! Did you use sticky tack??