May 31, 2016

Small change, big effect

Hello, all,

I hope everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend with family and friends. We enjoyed shopping for a new mattress and box spring and appreciated the next day delivery. Even with a few small glitches, it's much better than what we were sleeping on and a big quality of life improvement. 

Saturday I also worked more on a slight reconfiguration in the library. It seemed that the light in there wasn't adequate for reading which kind of defeats the idea of having a library in the first place. After moving things around and getting a new lamp, here's the space now:
The chairs have switched places and there is a new, larger lamp.  There was another prettier one at Sand Dollar, but it wasn't  pretty enough to be $18.90 for a used light.The one in the picture came from the Goodwill across the street, $6.99 for lamp, shade and finial. Most importantly, it is heavy and sturdy, not easy to knock over by a cat, or to break if that does happen. 

The corner shelf that was in there was traded for this one with more of a contrasting color and good spot to put some cute little pitchers. It was $3.93 at Family Thrift. 

Last look. Does that chair looks like it's waiting for Colonel Mustard or what?

Have  a good one!


1 comment:

Tricia said...

The library looks very inviting! That chair and ottoman have my name on them!