September 27, 2013

Dear to my heart

Hello, friends,

As you know, Mr. B and I are nuts about cats of every description, so I thought today would be a good time to share some special cat places for anyone else of the same persuasion. 

The first is, found here: It offers a trivia  question each day. Whether your answer is right or wrong, you've donated ten pieces of kibble for shelter cats. There is also a wonderful slide show each month, pictures relating to the question asked, as well as a daily "What Makes Me Happy" photo where people share their kitties with everyone. 

The fine folks at Alley Cat Allies dedicate their time to improving the lives of feral and stray cats. National Feral Cat Day is coming soon on October 16 and they have big plans for it.

If there is ever a place guaranteed to cheer a person up, it's The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee:

I've had this book for several years:
but the authors have a website, too. It's at and so much fun to visit. It would be wonderful to implement some of their ideas for our furry friends, not an option now, but maybe someday.

Of course, this is only a tiny fraction of what's out there for cat lovers, but it includes some of my favorites. If you're as foolish about felines as we are, enjoy!

Have a wonderful weekend. We're heading to Schulenburg for a reunion tomorrow. It should be fun.

Later, Michele

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Dewena said...

A cat question, please, Michelle? Our Sami Gayle, who has grown older (not sure how old as she adopted us), recently began peeing in our Jack Russell's floor nests instead of asking to go outside. So we got her a litter box which she caught on to immediately. The problem is, surely there's got to be some way to control the ammonia smell, some products that work the best? Any advice?

Your mercury compote on the previous post is beautiful!