September 25, 2013

Still decorating

Hi, all.

I'm still stubbornly working away at fall, even though it's over 90 right now. Maybe if I refuse to admit it's still summer, the weather will eventually give in and cooperate. It's worth a try. 

Here is the wreath from last year refurbished with a little more foliage:
Over on the picnic baskets by the cross wall:
There is a metal wall piece and one of my little chairs with a big paper mache acorn in it, the top is covered with real acorn caps glued on.
On another bookcase a tin container full of autumn foliage, the wonderful greeting card from my friend Betty I framed and a cute, if ineffective squirrel nutcracker. 

Last night Mr. B had a terrible time at the end of his work day and on the commute home, so I didn't bother to ask him to get the birdcage down to work on it. Maybe that will happen tonight and I'll figure out something for the dining room table. Meanwhile, Mother Nature?? See, it's nearly the end of September. The season has changed. Why not give us a break and a little relief from over 90 degree days? TIA!

Have a good one,


Tricia said...

Thanks for the tour! I especially love the wreath on the front door and the giant acorn in the little chair!

Art and Sand said...

I am like you - it's hot to decorate for fall here. The weather is cooling now. I usually go "fall" on October 1 and I think I am ready now to do the mantel.

Everything looks great.