September 30, 2013

Pocket Project

Hello, friends, how's your Monday going so far? We have rain threatening, but it'd be nice if it would quit being coy and just come on down.

Today I'm showing you a small project. It was easy and is a nice little gift for someone or to use yourself. If I were still working, there would always be one in my bag. It started like this:
Your basic candy tin with hinged lid. A little paint, paper and trim transformed it to:
My gosh, does that table need to be refinished in the worst way or what? Anyway, with the addition of these:
thread, scissors, tape, thimble, safety pins, we ended up so:
The lid is lined with felt to store needles and straight pins and voila! A handy portable sewing kit for emergency repairs. Easy and with little to buy. Most of the embellishments and contents were gathered from around the house. This reminds me of my childhood (when dinosaurs roamed the earth) and we made similar mini first aid kits out of bandage boxess, back when those came in tin containers, not cardboard. 

I hope this gives your an idea or two. Have a wonderful evening.


1 comment:

Tricia said...

Adorable! Everyone needs one in their desk or bag. I have one a student gave me way back in the (now historic) 1970s. I pulled it out recently to re-sew a colleague's missing button.