September 3, 2013

Tiny Tuesday Tweak

Hello, Friends,

I hope your re-entry after the holiday weekend wasn't too painful. Mine was much improved by lunch with a special old friend, a belated celebration of her August birthday.

Since it's nearly 100 outside and not in the least fall-like, it seemed a good idea to do something with my sunflowers. How can you ever go wrong, really, if Scrabble letters are involved? Here is the addition to the terrarium:
Here comes the sun is right; no sign of cooler temps or rain at this point. Not very original, but bonus points for accuracy, you think? Maybe up there they won't draw the attention of the purring ones who live at this address, that's the hope, at least. 

Have a wonderful evening. 

See you tomorrow,


Unknown said...

How pretty Michele!!!
I'm in complete denial about Fall - not accepting it very well lol

Art and Sand said...

So cute!

I love to decorate with words.

It is finally summer on our part of the coast and everyone else is talking fall. I am savoring summer for as long as I can.