September 24, 2013

Fall, Take Two

Hey, everyone, I hope your week is going well. This can be a hectic time of the year, especially for those with children. There is a lot going on everywhere. For now, it's quiet at our house, so I've been chipping away at decorating for Autumn. Here's what's been done since yesterday:
The revolving bookcase table at one end of the sofa has a different tray on top in more seasonal colors, with a pear, some greenery and a new bird sitting in a twig chair. Mr. Bird was my fun score at the Salvation Army yesterday, $1.49 less the 25% discount.
The corner shelf has another of those little topiary trees on it.
The terrarium has a big ball made of seed pods on a candleholder, some wooden acorns surrounded by vase filler. There is also a leaf-shaped candle inside. 

That's all that's done so far, except for the wreaths on both doors. Tonight Mr. B can reach the birdcage on top of the hutch and maybe an idea for the dining room table will start to emerge. 

Take it easy!

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