September 20, 2013

Late and Later

Sorry, folks, but I have been suffering from a severe case of Blank Brain. Sitting down at the computer has brought on fresh attacks for weeks now. 

Some of my time not spent writing has been modest attempts at thrifting. I've found the usual paperback books and a few odd pieces of clothing for Mr. B and myself. Here is the rest:
Another tartan thermos and a sweet white pitcher. It's not old, originally from Ikea, but it is heavy and I like the shape. There are two of the plates that say Dessert Antipasto Salad for my black and white collection. The stool folds cunningly and will probably be used on the front step for a plant. Two reindeer napkin rings in good time for the holidays, a little red truck, ditto, along with my favorite, the footed Mercury glass bowl. It had sat in the shop long enough to be marked down from $5.45 to $2.92 when it caught my eye. 
Two small pillowcases with Santa playing cowboy are pretty darn cute. 
A Ralph Lauren scarf in rich jewel tones would go with a lot of fall and winter outfits. 

Believe me, there are no real excuses for not writing before. It isn't as if the house has been deep cleaned from top to bottom, nor that I've been traveling or extra busy. It's just been a mind gone awol; let's just hope it's not a permanent condition. Meanwhile, I hope you can look forward to  a fun weekend about to start any minute now!

Take it easy,


Tricia said...

Those cowboy Santa pillowcases ARE darling! You need to do a tablescape with your black and white dishes. I'd love to see them all together. Maybe for next week's Let's Dish, which calls for an apple theme?

Dewena said...

We all go through those times. I didn't post for two weeks in early September. I like what you did instead, going thrifting. That never fails to perk me up. Do you know, I had never noticed the plaid thermos and coolers that are so popular now. I have a cousin who has an antique booth and she seems to have a knack for finding these pretty things. I'd love to stumble across a cooler for our picnic shelter.

Unknown said...

Those Santa pillowcases remind me of my childhood - they're precious !!!
You got some great things!!!
I get brain freeze often now - I think in my case it has to do with menopause - ( that's my story and I'm sticking to it LOL )
Have a great wknd Michele!!!