September 26, 2013

The end, I promise!

Hi, folks,

One more day of fall and I promise I'll quit till 2014. It takes a lot of imagination to do this when it's well over 90 by afternoon each day. It's a good thing I have help. I got down the birdcage and wasn't feeling the love, so gave up on that idea. 

I did want  to use the new Mercury glass compote, so filled it with spicy potpourri. 
Flossie, sniffing it suspiciously. Which is why it ultimately wound up here:
Oh, the irony of setting it on top of the cat shrine!

This was moved to make room for it. Flossie gave it an inspection, too.
I ended up using the big glass cloche with a gourd, moss and more acorns under it. This should take us up to Thanksgiving well enough. I'm done with the season change. Tomorrow there will be a different subject, I promise!

Have a great evening.


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