October 29, 2014

Cat Thrift

Hello, and happy hump day to all of you straining towards the weekend!

I thought today I'd share a few thrift finds our cats enjoy. They have the third bedroom, since this house has no garage. In case there is any confusion:
this on the door should clear that up.

Two climbers found at a thrift shop and yard sale respectively.
I saw this cushion first in a fancy catalog way out of our price range, so was happy to find one for $2.92 at Family Thrift. 
The latest score found today. Brand new and $2.00 at the Assistance League. As you see, Trixie is checking it out thoroughly, as befits her job description of Snoopervisor.  It just goes to show, thrift shops and yard sales will have what your needs are, and they will show up eventually. Even if you have four feet!

Till next time,


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