November 3, 2014


Hello, Friends,

Insert drum roll here. Today it is my pleasure to announce that at long last the furniture is present and accounted for in the library. The backstory is this: a couple of months ago we went to an upscale resale shop run by the Bluebird Circle in search of finery to wear to the wedding in October. We didn't find clothes, but there was a comfortable chair with ottoman I wanted. Mr. B disagreed and turned two thumbs down. Too expensive and he didn't like it. Ever since the hunt has continued. In resale and thrift shops all that showed up were two types, a choice between wingback or giant/ugly. Don't get me wrong, wingbacks are fine, but not what seemed right for this room. Fast forward to last week. When making arrangements to have lunch with a friend we settled upon a restaurant across the street from the Bluebird Circle, where I dashed in before our scheduled time. Lo and behold, the chair and ottoman were still there, marked down $80 from the original price. I quickly paid the ladies, texted Mr. B it was a done deal to be picked up Saturday and was on time to meet Laura. Saturday's expedition to get the pieces was another hellish experience, due to construction on the freeways, but we made it eventually and got it home safely, tied into the small trunk of a Toyota. With no further ado, here is the library almost finished:
It is a light yellow/wheat neutral color.
The color seems to pick up the lighter background in the rug.
There is the peg rack adjacent to the front door.
The area to the left of the new easy chair.
With the pattern it's hard to see but there are four or five cat toys on the rug.
Speaking of cats, Miss Minnie sneaked into the picture when I wasn't looking. Last night walking through the room I saw Butterball and Junior on the ottoman and Flossie and Trixie in the chair. The humans aren't the only ones who think it's very comfortable! 

There you have it, one more project/room nearly complete. I still want to get curtains, but that should much less a challenge than the exhausting quest for a good reading chair.

Have a good week,

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Tricia said...

The new chair and ottoman look great in the library, Michele! The whole room looks really cozy, and now you're all set for reading in comfort on chilly afternoons!