November 7, 2014

Goodbye, first week in November

Hello, all,

It's been said that the autumn time change to "fall back" doesn't affect you as badly as springing forward in March, but it still isn't fun. My level of accomplishment has been barely visible in its paucity. This isn't a great or even good project, but it's all I've got. 
Yesterday you saw this ugly duckling of a step stool. Battered and rusty, but very sturdy and useful to me. At 5'2" tall it's only possible for me to reach the lowest shelf in the kitchen without some kind of aid. The man at the hardware store had no suggestions about what to do for the legs, so once home I got after those with a Brillo pad and they look much better; not perfect, but shiny and mostly rust free. Then I broke out the spray paint:
The hardware store did have little rubber tips to put on the legs, so 4@ .59 cents is around $2.50 with tax, not a bad investment. Putting those on was the hardest part of this endeavor.

Looks like a spot got missed. Oh, well, maybe this weekend I'll give it another squirt of hunter green. 

Have a great weekend!

Later, Michele

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