November 18, 2014

Fly Away Home

Hello, all,

It's a beautiful, not too cold day here, glorious outside. May you all have such lovely weather to enjoy, at least for a while.

Do you wear Doc Martens? They are a brand of shoes from England that have a near cult-like following. You can read about them on Wikipedia here:  Not to be confused with the tv show Doc Martin. Production of these boots and other footwear began in the UK in 1960. There were largely boots made to begin with; those became very popular with postmen, police and factory workers. Now there are a huge variety of styles for men, women and children and a rainbow of colors. One of the joys of thrifting is the treasure hunt aspect of what may turn up on any given day. Last week Mr. B and I stopped at a Value Village not close to us on the way back from visiting his father. There I was pleased to find a pair of women's double tee-strap Doc Martens, white with a pattern of red and black lady bugs on them. 
How cool are those? They aren't my size, so off to eBay they go. They are in decent shape and appear authentic.
On the sole is stamped a logo that says "The Original" Inside a box is a cross with Dr. Martens Air Cushion Sole around it. To the side is the information Oil Fat Acid Petrol Alkali Resistant. In larger letters below is Made in England. Inside the heel is another Made in England label plus 8065 CK A10. Under the size is AW 0004. These correspond to a size 8 in US shoes, but are marked 6 for the UK. They have the AirWair label too. I am a sucker for t-straps, so it's a shame they aretoo big. I also own a pair of Doc Martens sandals, but confess, in Texas the soles are a little too heavy and clunky to be a good match for our hellish summers. Looking for more information and images I saw a pair of red plaid Mary Janes that made my heart beat faster, a silly style to covet at my age, but it's true. I'm keeping my fingers crossed to run across a pair of those one day, this time in the right size!

If you want to check out the auction, it's #390977081555 on eBay, or go to 

Take it easy!


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