November 11, 2014

Small Changes

Hello, friends,

Sometimes do things in your house more or less become invisible? They're there, but you no longer register them in your sight. We are having company for Thanksgiving, so the dining room is going to need the lion's share of my attention for the next couple of weeks--mind you, none of the actual effort has really begun yet! Today while vacuuming the mirror propped against the wall caught my eye. It is so heavy it's really hard to hang on a wall safely, but it was getting old seeing it on the floor. So, this switch solved that issue:
In the front room we're using as a library there is a ledge under what might have once been an open pass through, but has been boxed in. The mirror is now on it, reflecting the rest of the room and the person wielding the camera, but fortunately the light blocks that out for the most part. It also served as a spur to move and dust everything up there, too. There had been a much smaller picture where the mirror is now. It has moved over a bookcase, thus:
Its size seems to work better in this spot anyway. Still left to do: curtains, at which point this room will be d-o-n-e for the most part.That's my small project for Tuesday.

Have a good one!


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