April 13, 2015

A Better Solution

Hello, Folks, 

Today was my half day to work at Manna, which doesn't leave me with an excess of energy once it's done and I'm finally home. Good think this idea came to me, then. You know how sometimes there are pesky details at home that bug you way out of proportion to how much it should matter? Here was one in this house:
It's a large panel for a security alarm system from the previous tenants that we don't subscribe to. Very intrusive, especially in a bedroom.
This has been covering it up, but it bothered me because it was so large it covers the corner of the light switch plate, as you can see in the picture. 
With the change in season and rapid arrival of summer, today it occurred to me, why not try a straw hat? As you can see, it works out perfectly and doesn't obtrude the way the metal wall piece did. Problem solved! 
Have a good evening, or rest of your day.


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