April 22, 2015

Still in the dining room

Hello, all, 

Are you glad the week is on the downward swing? I had a good time at GW today, buying a batch of books and new scratch mat for the cats and a couple other odds and ends. No more decor, though. I'm trying to quit. To that end, to springify the buffet shopping the house was the key to changing the terrarium. 

A bright tin pitcher with white flowers, an egg cup with a succulent and a small white pail with violets fill up the space. They are set on a layer of broken tiles that literally fell off a truck, on the corner by our house. Next to it is a green plant in a mercury glass container atop a couple of boxes, one wooden and one paper. The polka-dotted one was inside a more vibrant many colored print one both by Emma Bridgewater, but neither having a lid, so not ideal for traditional purposes but just fine as a stand. The wooden box was a recent purchase, but I haven't decided what to do with it yet. 

Our weather continues to be unsettled. Every time the least thought of doing something outside floats through my brain it starts thundering and rain soon arrives so a lot of those projects are on temporary hold. 

Have a good evening.


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Barbara said...

Trying to cut back, huh? We'll see how it goes. Our weather has been crazy here in the city. I bought a leaf blower and it hasn't been out of the box with all the drizzle. Glad we didn't get that hail though.