April 16, 2015

Hair today . . .

Hi, folks,

Today after Bible study I got a haircut. No big deal, you're probably thinking, but you'd be wrong. You don't know about Venus Hair. It is a small shop in a quirky building where the owner, Susan Venus shares space with an old friend from high school, another Susan, Romeo this time. They usually go by their last names. Susan was a star last weekend in the Art Car Parade in this:
 She also is a cat person. 
A life-sized Elvis is usually by the door to greet you.
There's an art bike, too.

But here, why don't you see what it's like for yourself? http://www.venushairhouston.com/shop.html

I had a great time getting my hair cut, as always. If you're in Houston, you should go to 19th Street and check it out yourself.



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Unknown said...

That hair shop looks offbeat in all the right ways! Salons should not be afraid to mix things up, not just in terms of the hair treatments, but the ambiance of the whole place. It needs to have a welcoming personality shining through, to make the experience and the trip worthwhile.

Sadie Montgomery @ Hoshall’s Folsom