April 7, 2015

Tiny Effort

Another very minor project to report today, but it fills a need. Since the shelf fell and was replaced very precariously by myself, anything that goes anywhere near it needs to be light and unbreakable. To that end, for the pegs I tried this:
a bouquet of paper parasols in a turquoise metal cone. 
They coordinate well with the picture underneath, too, and are cheery BoHo colors, too.

That's it for Tuesday. I have a cat-generated mess to deal with now, involving a 750-piece jigsaw puzzle that was about a third done. No more kitties in that room till it is finished is the new rule. 
Have a good one!




Rue said...

A third done? Ouch!

I think the little cone hanging there is cute :)

I'm glad you had a nice Easter, even if the weather wasn't that great.

Barbara said...

I love to do puzzles. Since I don't have a large table in my little place, I haven't put one together in a while but I still keep my eyes opened for that unopened puzzle at the thrift.