April 8, 2015

Colonel Tiger, in the Library

Hello, all,

Since the great shelf debacle all the contents that weren't smashed in the crash were piled in a chair in the living room. It seemed high time to remedy that and set the cat shrine up elsewhere out of danger. Now it's in the library, the first room you enter if you come to visit. 
 Before, sob.
It's on some low book shelves made from wine crates. Mostly only the non-breakable items made it, although there are a couple saved with minor damage. 
The Meow frame lost one of its two panes of glass. 
New, just added recently is he little iron cat holding a magnifying glass, a sale item from Pier I. He was impossible to resist. Plus, at my age the magnifier gets used regularly. You can also see the tiny doll's cookie cutter that's a kitty that is adorable. 
That was my effort towards decorating for Wednesday. Sometimes just picking things up and making minor adjustments is all that happens. 
Take it easy!

1 comment:

Tricia said...

Super cute -- and now in a safer location! I especially love your clever blog post title!