April 17, 2015

Hello again as we wind down another week. Time really is flying in 2015, at least for me. This week my efforts have been concentrated at the front of our house. The outside still needs a few new plants before it's ready for a photo shoot, but the peg rack by the door is available to show off. I set up a little vignette of summery things now the coats and warm scarves have been put up for the next six+months. Here's how it turned out:
A sun hat, a lightweight jacket, parasol, scarf, dark glasses and tote bag, ready to grab and go.
 The fake fern is in a lime colored pot for the hot months.

Of course, the picnic basket is right there too, ready to fill with a feast to  take somewhere fun to eat outdoors. That's my bow to the new season for guests so far.  Maybe we'll get to a nursery this weekend and outside will get its turn soon. 
Have a wonderful weekend!

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