April 27, 2015

Hello! How's the last Monday in April gone so far for you? It's looked cloudy and threatening all day here, but so far no bad weather has actually materialized. This gave me a chance to putter around out front a bit. During the weekend Mr. B went in search of a table for a new printer (don't ask). He found one at the MAM store, originally intended to be a picnic table for small children. The unexpected benefit to me is that he only wants the table, so the two benches that came with it are mine, all mine. One is newly located by the front door outside:
Not only is it a good place to set plants, the shelf on the bottom is
ideal for extra pots waiting to be filled. 
The shrimp plant is finally starting to do something.

Here's the adjacent wall with its most recent tweaking. This time of year it's mostly all outdoors, all the time. How are you celebrating spring in the natural world?

Later, Michele


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Tricia said...

This looks very inviting, Michele! And you can host a kids' tea party at the drop of a hat, just by moving some plants and pouring Kool-Aid!