November 27, 2015

Best. Hostess. Gift. Ever

Happy Black Friday to all the shoppers out there. We're home, aside from lunch out with the FIL. 

Yesterday we had middle-daughter Mary, SIL Chuck and firstborn Cam over for  Thanksgiving dinner. In a coup like no other, here is what Mary bought me. I thought it might be a centerpiece when we talked on the phone, but it's much, much better than that. Voila!
It is an incredible living wreath of succulents. She said at least half a dozen people stopped her to ask where she'd found it and it doesn't surprise me. It's amazing. No, beyond amazing. Breathtakingly beautiful in person. The photo doesn't show how spectacular it is. I am thrilled, delighted and over the moon!

Have a wonderful weekend. If you're shopping, be careful.

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