November 12, 2015

Ten < Five

Hi, peeps.

One thing that is pretty consistent anywhere you go irl or on social media or  the world of blogs is that there is are constant complaints of being too busy, of feeling overwhelmed and most of all that there's not enough time. Perhaps some of the speakers have committed themselves to more activities and obligations than is realistic. In some cases, it's a season in life that isn't permanent, although it may feel so, as is the lament of folks with several small children. Or the person may be talking because he or she wants to sound important and in demand. For whatever the reason, we all have the same amount of time. Obviously, a good working plan and schedule helps alleviate this issue. Another way is to utilize the small bits and moments that occur every day that might be overlooked, while you're waiting for the water to boil or a child to find and put on his shoes. Here are ten things that can be done in less than five minutes. 

1. Wipe out the interior of the microwave.

2. Scrub the sink. 

3. Put a lemon down the disposal and run it.

4. Clean off your mailbox - obviously, this isn't quick if it's not close by, but if it's by the front door, grab a cleaning wipe and go for it. 

5. Grab newspapers, circulars and catalogs and either pitch or dump then to recycle. 

6. Pick up the remotes, replace throw pillows and pick up throws in the living or family room. 

7. Clear the front of the fridge of outdated notices and expired coupons. 

8. Wash your pets food or water dishes.

9. Check the calendar for birthdays or other approaching events you want to send cards for; make a list of the recipients and either get out the cards now or plan a time to buy them in the next day or two. 

10. Dust your nightstand! I read recently that's one chore that should be done daily, since you sleep with your face near it. 

And one to grow on: if laundry is in progress anyway, toss in your dishtowels and pot holders. 

See, that wasn't so hard, was it? Use up those little snippets of time that slip away quickly to make coming home a little nicer.

Have a good one!


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