November 24, 2015

More Scope

Hello, all,

My apologies for the hiatus. Last week was a deadly combination of being too busy coupled with a lack of ideas. Yesterday between working at Manna and going to the grocery store it was 4:30 before I got home and my brain quit working hours before then. 

Today there was a second, fill-in shift at Manna where I picked up an item seen yesterday when we were so busy there wasn't even time to get out my wallet. To put it in context, in my kitchen on a short section of end wall near the entry there was this:
a decorative shelf from a different thrift shop bought a couple of years ago. It had salt and pepper shakers on it, but was crowded. In contrast, for $7.20 today I brought home this:
It's designed as a spoon holder, but the shelves are just right for the collection and there is even room to add a few more if any too cute to resist show up as I make my rounds. It works well, doesn't it? Meanwhile, what to put on the other, now in the dining room. Stay tuned. 

Have a good evening.


1 comment:

Laurel Stephens said...

You really scored a great buy with this new display shelf. I can see your collection so much better, and your salt and pepper shakers are so cute. Collect on! :) Happy Thanksgiving, Michele!