November 3, 2015

In and out

Hello, all,

How's your week with the DST switch going so far? We're enjoying the extra hour and nice weather here, so it seemed fitting to turn my attention outdoors. In the entry to this house we have some good:
Plants that are thriving. 
Some are growing like gangbusters. The thumb-sized plant in the orange cup has sent off a secondary plant and the original is bursting out of the top.
Others, not so much. Several didn't survive the Texas summer. 
A program of divide and conquer seemed like the way to go. The ones that were overflowing their pots split up and moved to the empty real estate locations. 
Including Mr. Fat and Spiky from the orange cup. Now everyone can stretch out and spread their roots with no more desert space to mess up the looks out front. 

Have a good one!


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