November 30, 2015

BUH-BYE, Fall!

Hello, everyone. I hope your Thanksgiving was filled with fun, family and food. And congratulations if you didn't have to make it yourself. 

We waved goodbye to offspring from Austin and I headed directly to the closet where the decorations are stored. So far, three days into it, what has mostly been done is creating a big old mess. In light of that, after church I started working on at least trying to get one room straight. Since it's the entry of the house, I began in the library. 
In one of the large poster frames that usually displays a collage of vintage book covers, I put this sheet of old wrapping paper from years ago. It shows a house at Christmas time with the family and their activities and the creatures outdoors.
The suitcase scene on a bookcase top shelf with a wooden church, little trees, fake snow and a greenery deer nearby.
Some special cat related cards, including two pop-ups are on their shrine.
The red box with assorted cubbies is out on display. Look for it to make an encore appearance in February. One more little house on top.
Tiny trees on top of a frame.
Another church on a corner shelf.
Last for today, a snow scene in a little jar with a deer and a tree. 

The library isn't finished  but more pictures will be ready soon. 

Have a wonderful week!


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Tricia said...

I love that framed wrapping paper -- what a wonderful illustration! I think you've already put out more decorations in the library than I have in my whole house! #nominimalist!