July 8, 2013

An easy recipe

Hello, friends,

I hope the return to reality after the long weekend wasn't too much of a blow, as seems to be the case for Mr. B. As a consolation prize, since he also has to teach a class tonight, it seemed like making dessert would be a small distraction at least.

This is a simple version of tiramisu, based upon the recipe in a package of lady fingers.

The lady fingers were laid in a dish in a single layer.

They were then soaked in leftover coffee with a couple of tablespoons of Kahlua in it.

Next, I got out a package of cream cheese:
at which point the process breaks down. You will have to imagine me making French vanilla pudding and adding the cream cheese to it, because that picture didn't turn out.
Sorry. I made the filling, then layered it on the soaked lady fingers, put down a second layer of lady fingers and repeated everything. The last step was siftng this:

on top. And here is the result. There are a lot of different versions of this recipe, and many of those call for mascarpone cheese. I've made it a variety of ways, and really, it always tastes good, whether it's authentic or this more simple version.

Let's hope it cheers up Mr. B about the return of the work week! 

Till next time,

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